Mother Baby Skin To Skin Contact

11 Jun 2021 Area of Interest

mother-baby skin-to-skin contact


Today, there is no debate about whether skin-to-skin contact is beneficial. Because we all know how useful it is. Skin-to-skin contact, when applied, creates that strong bond, especially when the mother’s heat is transferred to the baby and the baby hears the mother’s heartbeat. In the long run, it is very important in terms of building self-confidence in the child.

As obstetricians, we care about this contact event and take care to implement it. Sometimes the environmental conditions and the conditions of the babies may not allow us to do this application.


For example, if there is a problem in general health when the baby is born, we do not force the situation to make skin-to-skin contact. Because the health of the baby is more important than the bond that will be formed as a result of skin-to-skin contact under normal conditions.


Some operating rooms have central heating and cooling systems. For this reason, we cannot adjust the temperature of the room in particular. Our operating rooms are especially cold like refrigerators so that germs do not grow.


If we can adjust the room temperature as soon as the baby is born, we try to increase the time that the mother and baby spend together. If we cannot adjust the heat, we keep the time shorter so that the baby does not suffer from it.


Contact is the most basic sign of love…

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