Migraine Pain Treatment

11 Jun 2021 Area of Interest

It has been reported that migraine headaches, which today’s people are most looking for solutions and affect their life conditions in a negative way, can be eliminated with pain science.

If the specialists cannot relieve the pain in the patients to whom they first applied medication, they can put the interventional methods into action and end the migraine pain with various needling methods.

We tried to be treated with medication many times, but I could not see any effect. I came here with the recommendation of a friend, I decided to come here after seeing it on social media. After the first session, I started to relax. I no longer suffer from deep pain as before, I can sleep comfortably. I can say that I found a cure for migraine. As far as I know, it is a newly opened branch.

90 percent positive feedback from 3,000 patients

Algology has become popular for 34 years. Pointed out that the doctors working in the departments of physical therapy, neurology and anesthesia received a two-year specialization in algology and completed the training.

If people go to the doctor and their pain does not go away after treatment and these pains exceed 3 months, we call them chronic pain. We use a variety of diagnostic methods, initially trying to find the source of the pain. After finding the pain, if the drug treatment does not go away with it, we resort to interventional treatment methods. Interventional treatment consists of various needle treatments and is performed in operating rooms.

We have long-term experience and scientific publications on this subject. When we look at it, migraine pain reduces people’s quality of life a lot. In addition, the drugs used in the treatment of migraine do not relieve pain or have serious side effects, which increases the interventional methods.

Up to 95 percent reduction in pain can be seen with methods such as Botox, nerve blocking procedures or radio frequency procedures. I have applied this treatment to more than 3 thousand patients so far, we have success rates of up to 90 percent.

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