General Introduction

Department of Urology in our contracted hospitals and doctors  successfully diagnoses and treat bladder, kidney, urinary tract, prostate and sexual organ diseases of women, men and children.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate and Urethra Diseases

– Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostatic Cancer (Green light laser, TUR,  plasma bipolar TUR, radical prostatectomy, perineal radical prostatectomy)

– Urethral Stenosis

– Closed operations (Optic Urethrotomy)

– Urethroplasty



– Uroflowmetry & Residue urine measurement

Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Diseases

– Urinary Tract Infections

– Overactive or Neurogenic Bladder

– Interstitial Cystitis (Overactive Bladder Syndrome)

– Bladder Cancers (Diagnosis and Treatment)

– Bladder TUR Operations

– Cystectomy (Advanced Stage Cancers)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney and Ureter Disorders

– Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney and Ureter Stones

– Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)

– Ureterorenoscopy (URS), flexible Ureterorenoscopy (retrograde intrarenal surgery)

– All types of open kidney and ureter surgeries

– Kidney Cysts

– Percutaneous Nephrostolithotomy Cyst Surgeries (Laparoscopic)

– Open Kidney Cyst Surgeries

– Kidney Tumors

– Nephron preventive surgery (Partial Nephrectomy)

– Radical Nephrectomy


Diagnosis and Treatment of Testicles – Scrotum Diseases

– Diagnosis and Treatment of Varicocele

– Micro-varicocelectomy

– Diagnosis and Treatment (Operations) of Testicle Tumors

– Edididymitis Treatment

– Orchitis (Testicle Dermatitis) Treatment

– Hydrocele Surgeries

Diagnosis and Treatments of Sexual Transmitted Diseases

– Gonorrhea or other Urethritis

– Warts (Genital Warts/Condyloma)

– Viral Infections (Herpes, Molluscum etc.)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

– Erection (Erectile) Dysfunctions

– Premature Ejaculation

– Penile Curvatures

– Peyronie’s Disease

Pediatric Urology

– Hypospadias

– Undescended testis

– Adolescence Varicosele

– Ureteroplevic Junction (UPJ) Stenosis

– VUR (Vesicoureteric Reflux)

– Neurogenic Bladder

– Pediatric voiding dysfunctions

– Nocturia Problems

Female Urology

– Cystitis

–  Diagnosis of Urinary Incontinence and Operations

– Urethral Diseases

– Urethral Carbuncle