General Introduction

Urogynecology examines the health problems that occur with pelvic floor insufficiency.

Therefore, the insufficiency of the base results in the sagging of the organs it supports. A mass can be felt, a feeling of pressure, a perception as if something is about to arise, and complaints arising from dysfunction of the sagging organs. within the scope of the specialty.

Pelvic floor insufficiency, organ sagging and the resulting dysfunctions are usually the problem of women. It is most commonly seen in middle- and older-aged women, and the frequency appears to double in every 10-year period of age.

Organ prolapses take place in gynecology practice to some extent. However, disruption of functions along with organ prolapse may require a detailed investigation. Health services for urogynecological problems can be evaluated in two contexts:

Not every patient requires surgical treatment. First of all, non-surgical treatments are also available in the early stages. It is even possible to take preventive measures before this problem occurs.