General Introduction

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Departments of our contracted hospitals and doctors  aim to provide healthcare services, which are up-to-date and in strict concordance with ethical principles and international standards, for patients who meet indication of physiotherapy and/or rehabilitation at inpatient and outpatient settings.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation departments are comprised of examination rooms, physiotherapy rooms and exercise halls, which are equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, and outpatient, inpatient and critical-care patients are managed by our experienced physicians and physiotherapists.

Considering the diseases or injuries which are within field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation by nature, aim of physiotherapy and rehabilitation is to enhance life quality of patients, who have conditions which lead to disability of various body parts or threaten life.

Principally, contemporary rehabilitation techniques are performed to increase independent mobility potential, alleviate pain and ensure maximum mobility.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department deals with rehabilitation of sports injuries, post-fracture rehabilitation, rehabilitation in postoperative period of meniscus surgery and rehabilitation of post-arthroplasty within scope of orthopedic rehabilitation.

Internationally recognized physiotherapy protocols are employed to prevent articular problems or correct limited mobility of joints, to alleviate low back pain and cervicalgia and to rehabilitate rheumatoid diseases within scope of rehabilitation of muscular diseases.

Patients with para- or hemi-plegia and spinal injuries are provided with physiotherapy and rehabilitation services following muscle, tendon and nerve injuries and cerebral palsy in the field of neurologic rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation programs, which are specialized for patients, are performed for preventing joint contractures and decreasing loss of function following diagnosis and medical treatment of rheumatic diseases especially for the patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Rehabilitation for ostheoporosis and degenerative joint diseases, treatment and rehabilitation for fibromyalgia syndrome, myofascial pain syndrome, temporomandibular diseases and scoliosis, as well as pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, rehabilitation for vertigo, rehabilitation following microsurgical operation for hand injuries, and obstetric and uro-gynecologic physiotherapy are performed.

A wide range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services is delivered, such as intra-articular injection, soft tissue injection, PRP for musculo-skeletal system diseases, neural therapy, mesotherapy, and pain treatment with dry needle.