General Introduction

Symptoms such as pain in eyes and blur visions, sensitivity of eye, seeing floaters can be signs of serious eye diseases.

Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatism can cause serious damages on eyes. Our hospital is at your service for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases with its professional staff.

– Diagnosis and Treatment Methods

– Visual Fields Test

– Fluorescein Angiography

– Argon Laser

– Yag Laser


– Pachymetry

Cataract Surgery with Phaco At our contracted hospitals aand doctors , cataract surgeries are performed by experienced and expertise team using state-of-art technological equipments.


Methods of Treating Diseases:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cataract

Diagnosis and Treatment of Glaucoma

Diagnosis and Treatment of Strabismus

Diagnosis and Treatment of Retina Diseases

Diagnosis and Treatment of Oculoplastics

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cornea Diseases

Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurophtalmology

SLT Laser Method on Glaucoma Internal pressure of the eye is reduced with SLT laser treatment performed at the policlinic. The purpose of this treatment is to protect the level of the patient’s vision due to high eye pressure.