General Introduction

Today, the presence of a neonatal intensive care unit is of great importance in the hospital where the birth will take place for every early or on-time birth.

Therefore, all pregnancies should be followed up in centers with neonatal intensive care units. The most appropriate follow-up and treatment of the mother and baby before and after the birth is carried out in this way.

With its multidisciplinary approach, our contacted hospitals neonatal intensive care unit serves with its experienced doctor and nurse staff equipped with technology that provides vital support to critical patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In terms of infection control measures, our unit is closed to visitors except for the parents.

In our neonatal intensive care unit, not only babies born in our hospital, but also babies in need of intensive care and born in another institution are accepted.

The following services are provided in the Reyap Hospital Istanbul neonatal intensive care unit:

Care of premature babies (all premature babies born from the 24th gestational week)

Care of very low birth weight babies (1500 grams and below)

Treatment of babies who need respiratory support (CPAP, ventilator therapy, thoracic tube insertion)

Bilirubin measurement and jaundice treatment (phototherapy/ phototherapy/, blood exchange)

Neonatal convulsion treatment

Treatment of neonatal digestive system diseases and nutritional problems

Newborn hearing screening with the automatic ABR method

ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) examination in preterm babies

Bedside USG (ultrasound to evaluate the brain and internal organs)

Equipment in the neonatal intensive care unit

Baby warmers




Feeding tubes