General Introduction

With the end of the reproductive cells in the ovaries, the production of ovarian hormones in women stops and the woman’s menstrual cycle ends.

For this reason, genetic structure, previous intra-abdominal operations, family, genetics, stress and smoking are among the factors affecting the age of menopause. On average, most women between the ages of 45 and 55 enter menopause.

Some changes occur in the woman’s body in the postmenopausal phase;

The menstrual cycle stops, fever, sweating, distress, irritability and sleep disorders can be seen, abdominal type weight gain, decreased libido (sexual desire), and in the long term, risks such as osteoporosis and increased risk of heart diseases occur due to Estrogen Hormone deficiency.

Main Treatments Applied During Menopause

-Hormone replacement therapies,

– Non-hormonal herbal treatment options,

-Osteoporosis treatments to protect the bone,

-Healthy weight maintenance treatment and follow-ups,

-Protective treatments for healthy aging,

-Antiaging / anti-aging treatments for the protection of the skin / face,

– Urinary incontinence treatments / non-surgical, laser urinary incontinence treatments,

-Vaginal laser applications for vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse,

-Laser applications for genital area color change, genital darkening.