General Introduction

The main topics of the general surgery department are thyroid treatment, breast surgery; esophagus, intestine, small and large intestines, anus diseases; liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder and bile duct operations.

– Endocrine Surgery

– Gastrointestinal System Surgery

– Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery: Surgical treatment of gall bladder and tract, liver, pancreatic diseases.

-Mammoplasty: In the light of modern surgical approaches; Breast-conserving surgical techniques, if appropriate, and sentinel lymph node examinations that contribute to the limitation of armpit surgery.

– Laparoscopic Surgery and Hernia Surgery: They are especially concerned with the treatment of diseases such as gall bladder and stomach hernia and related reflux, appendicitis and inguinal hernia, adrenal masses, stomach cancer.