General Introduction

Endometriosis, a disease that can occur with different problems in different stages of women’s lives, does not have a complete cure until menopause.

In our Endometriosis Center, we aim to evaluate our patient with a holistic approach, and to educate them about endometriosis, and to make conscious choices among the solution options for their problems, if any.

Endometriosis can often present with the following signs and symptoms:

severe menstrual pain

Severe and long-standing abdominal pain outside of menstrual period

painful intercourse

Painful tampon use or inability to use tampons

Painful defecation, voiding, blood in stool or urine

Infertility, pregnancy loss, preterm birth

Allergy and concomitant immunological diseases

Back and leg pain (in endometriosis involving the sciatic nerve)

Difficulty in breathing during the menstrual period and pain caused by breathing (endometriosis in the diaphragm muscle) may suggest.

Chronic fatigue, menstrual irregularities

Anxiety and depression