General Introduction

Symptoms such us dizziness, headache, snoring, hoarseness, Ear discharge, Hearing loss and the diseases attributable to ear nose and throat are successfully dealt with by our hospitals and clinics.

Audiometry Clinic of our hospitals gives hearing tests.

Methods that are successfully used at our hospitals and clinics  for diagnosis and treatment

– Tonsillitis and adenoid surgeries

– Tympanoplasty mastoidectomy, stapedectomy

– Ear tube surgery

– Burst eardrum surgeries

– Anti-inflammatory and audio-corrective ear surgeries

– Autoplasty

– Sinusitis treatment and endoscopic sinus surgeries

Endoscopic lacrimal duct obstruction surgery

– Nasal obstruction treatment and surgeries

– Rhinoplasty and Face-lift surgeries

– Snoring and sleep apnea treatment and surgeries

– Radiofrequency surgery and snoring treatment

– Salivary gland disease treatment and surgeries

– Neck and throat mass, tumor treatment and surgeries

– Dizziness and balance disorder treatment

– Adult and pediatric hearing loss treatment

– Diagnosis and treatment of upper respiratory allergic diseases

– Diagnosis and treatment of hoarseness, vocal disorders

– Vocal cord polyp, nodule, cyst and mass surgeries