General Introduction

Diabetes, which is at the forefront of today’s diseases, is a very common disease that plays a leading role in the formation of many deadly diseases.

Diabetes mellitus known as Diabetes Mellitus; It is a chronic, progressive and lifelong disease manifested by high blood sugar known as hyperglycemia, which occurs as a result of insufficient insulin hormone, which balances the sugar level in the blood, and cannot be used in the body despite its secretion.

In a healthy individual, the blood glucose level does not exceed 70-100 mg / dl during fasting and 140 mg / dl in the state of fullness (2 hours after a meal). If the blood glucose level measured during fasting or fullness is above these values, it is an indication of the presence of diabetes.

What Symptoms Happen If Blood Sugar Is Constantly High?

Urinating a lot, passing urine frequently:

Drinking a lot of water


Types of Diabetes

Although there are several types of diabetes, commonly;

Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependent)

Type 2 Diabetes (Non-Insulin Dependent)

Harms (Complications) Caused by Diabetes

Cardiovascular disease (Circulatory system disease

Diabetic Retinopathy (Eye damage):

Nephropathy (Kidney damage):

Neuropathy (Nerve damage Diabetic foot wounds

Impotence (Sexual Impotence

Although diabetes is a serious disease, it is possible to live a healthy and long life with appropriate nutrition therapy, medical treatment, regular exercise and diabetes education.

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

Both Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes share some of the same warning signs. Generally, the symptoms of diabetes are as follows:

Increased hunger

Increased thirst

Weight loss

Frequent urination

Blurred vision

Extreme tiredness

Non-healing wounds

Diabetes Symptoms in Children – Diabetes in Babies

Increase in the amount of urine, bedwetting

Excessive thirst and water consumption

Dry mouth

Extreme hunger feeling


Weight loss

Irritability and depression

What are the causes of diabetes (diabetes)?

As a result of many studies, it has been concluded that genetic and environmental causes play a role together in diabetes. The factors that cause the disease in diabetes, which are basically two types as Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, differ according to these types.

In addition, the causes of Type 2 diabetes, which is the more common type of diabetes, can be listed as follows:

Obesity (overweight)

Having diabetes in family members

Advanced age

Sedentary lifestyle


Formation of gestational diabetes during pregnancy and giving birth to a baby with a higher than normal birth weight