Medical Park / İzmir

16 Dec 2020 Hospitals


Spread out over 46,000 m2, Izmir Medical Parkr has a total bed capacity of 301, of which 10 are specially allocated for disabled patients. There are a total of 78 Intensive Care beds of which 29 are for internal-surgery intensive care, 7 CVS for Intensive Care, 7 for Coronary Intensive Care, and 35 for incubator neonatal intensive care. Izmir University Medical Center contains 7 general surgery rooms, 2 cardiovascular surgery rooms, 4 labour rooms and an ophthalmology intervention room.

The hospital has 14 emergency unit beds of which 9 are for monitoring adults and 5 for children. Once fully operational the hospital will not only contain all departments expected of a fully equipped healthcare institution, it will also be the largest private hospital in the Aegean region.

Besides regular specialist disciplines, the Izmir Medical Park also focuses on Oncology, Bone Marrow and Organ Transplant and Microsurgery. The hospital has a number of objectives including: being an organ transplant centre in Turkey capable of bringing complete solutions to all organ transplants including adult and paediatric bone marrow, liver, kidney, pancreas, small intestine, heart and lung; becoming a reference centre amongst hospitals focused on organ transplantation around the world; offering a wide variety of services in oncology in the Aegean Region with PET-CT and LINAC devices; and, introducing the Aegean Region with Gamma-Knife technology.