Droopy Eyelid

11 Jun 2021 Area of Interest

Droopy Eyelid


Sometimes even the lid line is invisible. Although it is different from ptosis of the eyelid, sometimes both conditions can be seen together. Stating that the drooping of the upper eyelids will cause a tired and exhausted expression, Op. Dr. Huseyin Simsek; “Patients often complain about their eyelids getting heavy, looking old and not being able to apply make-up to the eyelids. Sagging upper eyelid skin causes both men and women to look older and tired. The eyes seem smaller than before. The sagging of the skin on the lid can affect vision and our visual field, especially by concentrating on the edges. After the upper eyelid blepharoplasty operation, you can achieve a younger and more dynamic appearance. Surgical intervention on the upper eyelid is usually performed with local anesthesia. Since the incision is your natural lid line, there is no scar after the operation. Edema and bruising may occur on the lids for 1-2 weeks after the operation. If there is eyebrow and lid droop (ptosis), it can be treated together. “Functional blepharoplasty” technique should be applied for patients who apply with mostly vision and visual field complaints, and “cosmetic blepharoplasty” surgery should be planned for aesthetic concerns that will not affect eyelid functions. The aim of cosmetic blepharoplasty should be to rejuvenate and refresh the expression in the patient’s gaze. Gender, skin color and ethnic characteristics should be considered when planning surgery. Before upper eyelid aesthetic surgery; Problems such as dry eye, eyelash inflammation (blepharitis), corneal epithelial irregularity should be detected and treated with biomicroscopic eye examination, and informed the patients about this issue.

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