Bayındır Hospital / Ankara

21 Dec 2020 Hospitals


Bayındır Kavaklidere Hospital, which was put into service in 1998, provides world-class health services to domestic and foreign patients with its 5.500 m2 closed area, emergency and polyclinic services in all major branches, inpatient department in a boutique design, 2 fully-equipped operating rooms, radiology and laboratory units and parking area for 50 vehicles.

Bayındır Kavaklidere Hospital has the philosophy of Bayındır Healthcare Group’s evidence-based, patient-oriented, using the latest technology, comfortable, reliable, high quality, providing health care services, and Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation certificate which is an international accreditation certificate.

Kavaklidere Hospital has become an important center of Ankara with its outstanding physician staff who use advanced technology in the diagnosis and treatment of eye health and diseases especially for cataract surgery, retinal-macular diseases, glaucoma and corneal diseases as well as corneal transplantation.

In our hospital, there is also an operating room which requires special equipment for patients with medical impediments in the dental and oral health unit, which provide service in 7 different dental branches with specialist dentists. If necessary, dental procedures can be performed under general anesthesia.

The dermatology clinic, where dermocosmotology services are successfully applied, physical therapy and rehabilitation unit where sports injuries and ESWT treatments are carried out, and infectious diseases and travel clinic, which aims to protect individuals from personal and environmental risks in today’s conditions where travels are increasing rapidly, are among our most prominent branches.