Ada Tıp Hospital


Adatıp Hospital, with a successful history of 20 years in the health sector, was acquired by the group of companies, which is possessed by Orhan Kocabıyık – the leading businessman of Sakarya-, on June 2014. Adatıp Hospital, being the largest-scale hospital of Sakarya (Adapazarı) and East Marmara Region, has also provided another, quality health center to İstanbul after Sakarya on September 2017.

Gaining all attractions in terms of healthcare in Sakarya, Adatıp Hospital started up the operation in Kurtköy, the rising value of Istanbul, on an indoor area of 25 thousand sqm and the hospital adopted the principles of being a “leader” in the healthcare sector of both cities, an “pioneer” in terms of opening new service units, “responsive” in emergency medicine services and “successful” in diagnosis and treatment.
Adatıp Hospital will continue being a strong brand that offers affordable healthcare services in all departments required, while all services are rendered at same quality and standards. Adatıp Hospital that sounds Turkish population out to see their expectations from healthcare services will lead the sector based on this sensitivity and continuous renewal.