Acıbadem Fulya Hospital

16 Dec 2020 Hospitals


Acıbadem Fulya Hospital serves patients in all departments of medicine since 2010 in Beşiktaş, which is one of the most populated districts of Istanbul.

The hospital accepts coverage of many private health insurances.

Indoor Area of 22, 000 m²
Acıbadem Fulya Hospital includes 124 inpatient treatment units, 7 operating theaters and 16 intensive care units in an indoor area of 22, 000 m2. Hospital makes reasonable efforts to ensure privacy of patients and family members in physician encounters. Moreover, LDRP system (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) allows delivery in the room for expectant mothers in the hospital.

FIFA-Certified Athlete Health Center

Acıbadem Fulya Hospital incorporates an Athlete Health Center. FIFA Medical and Research Center was founded in 1994 to protect health of football players and reduce the risk of injury and it honoured Athlete Health Center of the Acıbadem Fulya Hospital as “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence” and awarded the “F-Marc Certificate”.

Baby-Friendly Hospital

Acıbadem Fulya Hospital ensures that breastfeeding starts and is maintained right after the birth by preparing mothers and expectant mothers for breastfeeding before delivery and 24-hour rooming-in procedures – that imply keeping the infant nearby the mother throughout the day.