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Turkey is one of the countries, where the most quality healthcare services are offered, and is the second country with the most number of “JSI Accreditation Certificates”.

Employing environmentally-friendly, smart hospitals concepts equipped with high technology medical devices, professional physicians achieving great global successes, and healthcare professionals with a high level of knowledge and skills, it has achieved to a country that gives confidence to patients.

The Turkish Medical Centers is a Medical Tourism Company headquartered in Istanbul, established and managed by healthcare professionals, each a specialist in their own field, acting in cooperation with One Hundred and Twenty (120) healthcare facilities located in Seventeen (17) metropolitans of Turkey with more than Two Thousand Five Hundred (2,500) professional physicians working therein, capable of organizing all types of diagnosis and treatment processes.

We at the Turkish Medical Centers make all efforts to offer the most reliable, the most quality, the most professional, the most comfortable healthcare and support services to our patients preferring Turkey for their treatments and, improve ourselves and get more experienced with each passing day with the R&D studies carried out by our young, dynamic and innovative team at international standards. Our institution is a prestigious international medical tourism agency with accreditation.


Our vision is to ensure that an advanced level of therapeutic healthcare services are offered and accessible to all the citizens of the world under appropriate and affordable conditions and at certain standards and, customize and facilitate the procurement of healthcare services according to the needs of each individual.


We at the Turkish Medical Centers are committed to the mission of producing solutions to each individual applying to us to recover their health concerning all types of organizations before and after the respective treatments; making our high standard healthcare services accessible to all the world countries; meeting all the requirements of our patients during their treatments and while they stay in our country; providing our patients with a comfortable and easy process of treatment in accordance with the applicable patients’ rights regulations; proactively acting to predict all the possible problems that our patients may have and, take measures accordingly; and offering all types of services intended to ensure that after all the post-treatment checks, our patients return to their countries happily and safely in line with the recommendations of our expert physicians.




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We at the Turkish Medical Centers intend to offer the most quality healthcare services to all the individuals in need of treatments within the “concept of customized services”, and become a leading and exemplary corporation at the sector by means of adopting the understanding of “health first” with our physicians, each a specialist in their own field, as well as a young, dynamic and innovative team, and aim for providing all types of supports before and after the treatments by means of meeting all desires, requirements and expectations of our patients through a professional team.

Turkey had a great leap forward in the field of medicine offering high quality healthcare services thanks to, in particular, the physicians it has trained and the high technology hospitals it has constructed.

A physician may be prone to and have a greater interest in some certain areas within the field of specialty for which they have received education.

And these physicians carry out their academic studies and specialize in the said areas.

These well trained physicians make the institutions, where they can find an opportunity to put into practice their areas of interest and build a team to that end, the centers that are specialized in these areas.

The Turkish Medical Centers has been established to bring together the teams and centers that are specialized in their respective areas, and the patients that are in need of these treatments, and maximize the level of healthcare services that are offered accordingly.

To that end, the patients are welcomed by a sincere, reliable and experienced team that always stands by and are 24/7 accessible to them.

This team works to ensure that the patients receive the right diagnosis, the right treatment and better follow-up services. It undertakes the entire organization in order to make sure that the procedures are properly and quickly carried out keeping the comfort of the patients at the highest level.

Hope that we meet you at the expert centers where you are delivered the right diagnosis and treatment by the specialist teams and, see you on healthy days…


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Our HR Policy

Human Resources Policy

The Turkish Medical Centers has a people-oriented approach considering people the most important input and asset. Engages based on the loyalty and trust of the employees. Our companies operating with a proactive and innovative approach have a structure that allow the employees to take an important role in the making of strategic decisions. Acting on the principle that the employees are behind the success of its operations, it provides a working environment that contributes to the personal and professional development of the employees, that offers opportunities for continuous improvement, and that supports both the business and personal lives of the employees by means of increasing their motivation. Adopting the approach of the “Total Quality Management”, it is one of the leading and exemplary companies at the sector.

Our policies are intended to:

  • Organize training and improvement programs;
  • Create career planning organizations;
  • Assess and maximize the performance of the employees;
  • Set an objective and fair compensation policy;
  • Ensure a high level of occupational health and safety;
  • Proceed with the understandings of respect for human, impartiality, confidentiality, discipline and scientific approach;
  • Integrate the human resources policies with the company policies and, create a company culture accordingly;
  • Keep the loyalty and satisfaction of the employees at the highest level;
  • Put into practice social responsibility projects and;
  • Employ innovative people with a high level of self-consciousness, who are able to easily adapt themselves to the company’s strategies and targets.
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